We Need Your Help! Do You Like What MonroeVoter is Attempting to Accomplish?

Do you like what is trying to accomplish? If the answer is Yes we need your help. What kind of help? We need editors and researchers to help with collecting, adding, and modifying the information about the candidates running for office by acquiring and maintaining accurate biography and experience information, mission statements, and views on important issues facing Monroe County, the state of Tennessee, and our beautiful country as a whole. We want facts and not opinion or biased points of view. Anyone can help by providing legitimate information about candidates but if you’d like to help with editing the site you’ll need to consider the following.

Guidelines for Editors:

1.) Computer Skills: A basic to intermediate understanding of computers and the internet. I’d be more than happy to help anyone understand how to manage the information of the website but you have to be teachable. Example: My dad once asked me what a mouse was (In reference to a computer). If that’s you, maybe you should just provide us with credible information about the candidates running for office.

2.) Political Affiliation: Political Affiliation is irrelevant. As long as you love our county, state, and country you’re welcomed to help with the site. Important Note: The main site must remain 100% bi-partisan and only contain factual information about the candidates and the county. If any information is questionable at all it will need to be noted clearly so it can be easily identified as questionable content by the MonroeVoter visitors. Visitors will be allowed to comment on individual pages which means they can comment (Comments will be moderated) on Candidates profiles and this information will likely be biased but information added by site admin must remain unbiased. The forum is 100% visitor generated content so it will be biased.

3.) Underlying Mission: You must agree with the underlying mission of the site. We want to make it easy for Monroe County citizens to make an educated decision when it comes to casting a vote in each and every election that takes place in Monroe County. This is accomplished by providing a single location for citizens to research ALL of the candidates running for office. The idea is to provide citizens with a website to easily match their views, beliefs, and ideals up with the candidates that best represent them. It doesn’t serve anyone well to not know who or what you are voting for prior to entering the voting booth. We are also hoping that this website will lead to a more open Monroe County government and election process.

4.) Grammatically Speaking: While I wouldn’t turn someone away for improper grammar or punctuation please consider the following: If you spell firewood “farwood” or you believe youins is a word maybe you should just consider providing us with credible information about the candidates.

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  1. barb skidmore #

    Would love to gather info/data on prospective candidates.

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