What’s this website all about?

The goal of is to provide Monroe County citizens with a single resource to find, research, and evaluate prospective and elected politicians prior to arriving at the ballot box. Beyond that provides Monroe County citizens with an online forum to voice their concerns, opinions, and ideas without the fear of being censored. (We do ask that you use family friendly language and we have implemented a language filter in the Forum to make sure it stays clean)

Why did I start this website?

It was roughly a month and a half from the 2010 primary election (Election that took place on May 4th, 2010) when I decided to start researching the candidates to make an educated decision on who to vote for. However, I grew VERY disappointed with the lack of information readily available on the Election Commissions website. There weren’t any links to the candidates websites, lists of the candidates running, biographies, work histories, viewpoints and opinions, or much of anything useful at all.

It’s been said that voting is the one right we all have that many take for granted but what isn’t often said is an uneducated vote is more dangerous than not voting at all.

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