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  1. Robert Bennett #

    Dear Congressman Matlock:

    Please vote NO on HB 2110 which, as I understand it, would be used to prohibit hunting anywhere on private land if a visible dwelling house could be seen within 100 yards anywhere along the entire property line. So, if I own a piece of land 1 mile square and I can see one, single house within 100 yards at one single point along my property line, I can not hunt anywhere on my land. What is next – a bill to ban all private citizens from any hunting anywhere at any time for any reason by any means?
    *HB 2110 by *Odom ( SB 2028 by *Marrero )

  2. 2

    I am in the race for Tennessee Governor 2014. FYI Love your site thank you

  3. Jimmy Matlock #

    Dear Congressman Matlock:

    I would like to express my concerns regarding bill SB606/HB647, in regard to eliminating longevity pay for state employees. I have been with the state 22 years. In my years of service, the state has given very few cost of living raises. Recently the state has switched to merit raise but it is subject to available funding. During my 22 years, I have also worked in the private sector. When I chose to come back to the state to work toward my retirement, I had to take a big pay cut. I am a Medical Technologist and state salaries have always been below the private sector. Hence, the State Health Department Laboratory continues to have trouble attracting potential employees. Longevity pay has helped to off set some the pay discrepancy between the private sector salaries and state salaries.

  4. Paul Villarreal #

    Congressman Jim Matlock
    I am writing hoping you can do something about the trash along our roads. My wife and I live on state road 322 also known as the vonore- sweetwater highway. The trash along this stretch of road is excessive to put it mildly. The road is heavily used to include many tourists on their way to the national parks. I can only imagine what out-of-state visitors think when they see the entire road littered with discarded plastic milk containers, empty pop bottles, crushed beer cans and a sundry of other trash. We local residents call the trashes that litter the highway Tennessee wildflowers. Texas is known for lining their highways with bluebonnets, our roads have Tennessee wildflowers i.e., empty milk containers, crushed beer cans, on and on.
    My wife regularly calls TDOT requesting that the trash be cleaned up. They normally attempt to send out a crew once a year to pick-up the trash but they only manage a small section of maybe a quarter to half a mile of road. She called TDOT in early December 2016 and was informed by the supervisor in charge of maintaining State highway 322 that due to manpower shortages he would not be able to send a crew to pick up trash until perhaps late spring 2017. At the rate that 322 gathers trash, one can only you imagine what the highway will look like by then? I have seen cleaner roads in third world countries. In addition, by springtime, the grass grows exponentially, and TDOT then sends grass cutting crews which only shreds the trash and sends shredded aluminum cans, dead carcasses, etc., everywhere! If you were ever driving behind one of these “bushhoggers” with all this trash….you’d realize really quickly it’s dangerous to motorists, as the shredded cans come flying towards your windshield, wheels, etc. I have had first hand experience with this. This is due to the fact that no one has picked up the trash to start with….TDOT has advised that they have no budget to get this trash picked up… manpower, no time, not enough dollars…etc. My wife has tried to pick up the trash along our stretch of this road, but if you’ve ever tried this….dangerous is an understatement.
    Increasing AND enforcing penalties for discarding trash on our highways, along with educational programs to date, have had little to no impact. The only answer is to give TDOT enough resources and budget to do the job and hold them accountable. The only way to make that happen is through the legislature in Nashville. That is why we elected you to find answers to problems. The trash along our highway is a problem.

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