State Candidates – Governor (2010)

In alphabetical order (Last Name)
Political Key: (D)-Democrat (G)-Green (I)-Independent (R)-Republican


Bayron Binkley (Independent) – Real Estate Broker

Brandon Dodds (Independent) – Optometrist & Gun Rights Activist

Samuel Duck (Independent)

David Gatchell (Independent) – “None of the Above” Ballot Activist & Frequent Candidate

Bill Gibbons (R) – Shelby County District Attorney (Withdrew due to lack of funding)

June Griffin (Independent) – Minister, Retired Dental Lab Owner & Frequent Candidate

Toni Hall (Independent)

Bill Haslam (R) – Knoxville Mayor, Businessman & Minor League Baseball Team Owner

Joe Kirkpatrick (R) – Marketing Executive, GOP Activist & ’06 Candidate

Floyd Knois (Independent)

Boyce McCall (Independent)

Donald McFolin (Independent)

Mike McWherter (D) – Businessman & Son of Gov. Ned McWherter

Ron Ramsey (R) – State Senate Speaker, Lt. Governor, Ex-State Rep., Businessman & Surveyor

James Reesor (Independent) – Self-Proclaimed “Crazy Man”, ’74 Candidate & ’99 Nashville Mayor Candidate

Thomas Smith II (Independent)

Howard Switzer (Green) – Architect, Ex-State Party Co-Chair & ’06 Nominee

Zach Wamp (R) – Congressman & Ex-Real Estate Broker

Carl “Twofeathers” Whitaker (Independent) – Native American Indian Movement Chief & ’02/’06 Candidate

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