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Farmers Son

Brandon was born in Union City, Tennessee in 1974, a 7th generation Tennessean. He grew up on a farm just outside of Newbern, Tennessee. He learned the importance of hard work, patience, and improvisation as he helped on the farm. He and his brother chopped and tromped cotton from an early age then became much more involved in the family farming operation as they matured. His mother, an educator originally from Yorkville, Tennessee, also instilled in him a lifelong passion for reading books. His father, a retired farmer and current city of Newbern department supervisor, taught him through example the spirit of accomplishing your goals with whatever you have on hand and not quitting until you achieve them. Both of his grandfathers were World War II combat veterans and inspired him with a love of military history.

Student, Doctor, and Business Owner

Brandon graduated from Dyer County High School in 1992 where he played football and tennis. He went on to graduate from the University of Tennessee at Martin in 1997 with a degree in History and Biology. He received his doctorate of optometry in 2001 from Southern College of Optometry in Memphis. He helped pay his way through school by working every summer and most spring breaks in various factories. His work then included packaging seeds, shipping automobile air conditioner parts, printing magazines, stacking fabric rolls in a cotton mill, and of course farming. After graduating from optometry school he worked for various eye doctors until opening Dodds EyeCare in his hometown of Newbern in 2004.

Husband and Father

He married his wife April, who he met in high school, in 1998. They live not far from where he grew up outside of Newbern. Their first son, Brandon Clay was unexpectedly born very prematurely and passed away in 2002. Since then they have been blessed with three more sons: Cole, Bo, and Clay. Brandon has attended Main Street Church of Christ in Newbern his entire life.


In 2008 he published the book Victory Dance: A Solution for Iraq and More Common Sense Foreign Policy.

Candidate for Public Service

Dr. Dodds, as a health care provider and successful small businessman, is uniquely qualified among the candidates for governor. Tennessee is facing an economic and health care crisis and needs strong leadership that can work to find solutions. As an independent, he is also not beholden to national political party dogma if it disagrees with what is in the best interest of Tennessee. He understands the concept of service and listening. He knows that government should be efficient and not squander the hard earned money that is collected in taxes. He also is a believer that the government should stay within budget and not be constantly raising taxes. A lifelong conservative, he vows to represent the people and not any party. He will protect the individual liberties like gun ownership that Tennesseans cherish and that helped make this country great.

An Independent

Running as an independent certainly comes with many inherent disadvantages. It has made the challenge greater, but I felt like it was necessary to establish that Tennesseans do not have to settle for the best Democrat or best Republican. They should expect and demand the best person for the job. I also believe that in the current environment that real solutions are more likely to be found outside the two established parties. It is my belief that our political landscape is broken. Both parties have long ago dropped any pretense of representing the people. They only care about expanding their political power and being reelected. The Republicans oppose any idea championed by the Democrats no matter its merit. The Democrats likewise oppose any proposal brought forth by the Republicans. The resulting deadlock is in no ones best interest. It would almost be humorous except for the fact that these two sides are responsible for running our government and passing a strong nation down to our children. The ill will the two parties direct at each other is also ironic if you examine how they conduct themselves. While they are perceived by their adherents to have radically different agendas, when you examine their policies they are actually very similar. Tennesseans, as well as Americans, are expected to choose their leaders from between a party that stands for big government, high taxes, and corruption and a party that stands for bigger government, higher taxes, and corruption. In the past we have not been given a real choice. No matter how well intentioned candidates have been, when they achieve office they are seemingly forced into being party puppets. This is especially disappointing when you consider the elected office of governor. The framers of the constitution envisioned the state government as being able to be a bulwark against the inevitable growth in both power and size of the federal government. When we are forced to elect a party puppet it diminishes us and it diminishes our democracy. It is a two party system and they desperately want to keep it that way. They do not want you to have a choice because they realize instinctively that people would rather choose someone who would serve their constituents and not a party. Both parties have mistakenly come to the conclusion that people exist to provide them with budget dollars that they can squander as they please. When they burn through that, they cry out for more taxes so they repeat the process. As a result our spending power diminishes, businesses are being forced overseas, and our society is declining before our very eyes. They have only themselves to blame for the mess this nation is in because they created it. As citizens it is naïve to have any remote hope that they could find solutions when they are the problem itself. We no longer have statesmen; we have politicians. We no longer have representation; we have exploitation. That is why I am running as an independent and why I want to serve our Tennessee homeland.

Where Brandon Stands on the Issues:


The most pressing issue facing our state is the crumbling economy. Tennesseans are losing their jobs, having their hours reduced, and struggling each week to stay current on their payments. When a person is laid off, it not only devastates their earning potential but it usually means they lose their health coverage as well. As industrial plants close their doors and move their operations overseas, more and more people are left out of work. While current politicians constantly clamor that they have plans to turn things around, economic conditions are continuing to deteriorate. Read More

Health Care

It is painfully obvious to even casual observers that our nation’s and our state’s health care system is in dire need of reform. We have excellent doctors and facilities, but at the same time hospitals and offices are understaffed and overworked. Costs are also spiraling out of control. It is getting more and more expensive for doctors to treat patients and for patients to be treated. I have a multifaceted plan that will help bring costs back under control and ensure that all Tennesseans have access to affordable quality health care without the need for tax increases. Read More

Income Tax

I am strongly opposed to an income tax for Tennessee. Once income taxes are put in place they are there to stay. States that have implemented them in the past have always steadily raised the tax rate, as they burn through more and more of the taxpayers’ dollars. Read More

Cap and Trade

The “cap and trade” proposal currently being debated in Congress is a dire threat to our economy, which is already in a dangerously depressed state. This proposal is just another tax on American businesses cloaked in environmental language. Read More

Second Amendment

One of the most fundamental rights of man is the ability to defend his family and his home. The 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution formally reinforces this freedom when it states, “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” I believe that this right is the cornerstone of our government. Without it citizens would become wards of the state, utterly dependent on the state for protection. Criminals would still have guns and law-abiding citizens would become easy targets. Read More

Illegal Immigration

Few issues so clearly illustrate that the people we have entrusted to run our government have sold us out like the immigration issue. Across the state and nation poll after poll have shown that Americans want the unchecked flow of illegal immigrants stopped. Both parties have vested interests in turning their backs on their constituents on this issue. Read More

Right to Life

The debate that surrounds the abortion issue is often a heated one. Politicians from both political parties often have capitalized on this emotion to ensure campaign contributions and votes. Conservative Southern Democrats and Republicans alike often pander to the pro-life constituency but have been either unwilling or completely ineffective in protecting the lives of the unborn. Personally, I believe strongly in the right to life. Read More

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