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Mission Statement

Carl Whitaker plans to run for Governor of Tennessee in 2010 on the promise He will be the peoples Governor, meaning he will work for the people of Tennessee, not for just a select few. Carl runs on the promise of lowering taxes on food while seeking to improve the way of life in Tennessee for all. This page is just an insight to some of the platform we plan to run on in 2010. We invite you to email us with your comments and suggestions on how we can better serve Tennessee.

In simple terms our goal and platform is JOBS JOBS JOBS and more JOBS for Tennesseans!

Keep Tennessee Working and Keep Tennessee Healthy!


Please feel free to email Carl if you have any questions about his background and experience.

Political Affiliation

  • Independent/Constitutional Conservative of Mohegan, Cherokee and Irish decent


  • Baptist


  • College-Clark Tech. Springfield Oh., Akron University, Akron Oh., Bachelors Degree


  • Police officer in Ohio four years
  • Police Chief -Six Years
  • Owned and operated a security company in Ohio
  • Currently works as a free lance paralegal

Other Affiliations

  • Board member of East TN Native American Indian Council
  • Member: Confederate Society of America; Tennessee Division Chair
  • Principle Chief of the Native American Indian Movement (NAIM –
  • Carl has been named head of the Tennessee Division of the Southern Confederate Front of The Constitution Alliance:

Currently lives in Sevierville, TN

Where Carl Stands on the Issues:

Income Tax


IN ANY WAY SHAPE FORM OR FASHION! In addition we pledge to not implement any new taxes upon the state but look to balance our budget with sensible cuts and better managment of the funds we already have.

TennCare Reform

Reforming the current TENNCARE health care program was necessary, but kicking people off who truly need it and continuing to cover some of those who do not is an unjust and simply wrong way of trying to “Fix” the problem. Carl seeks to work with departmental officials and state legislators to remove the corruption from TENN-Care and re-instate those who truly need it

We also are opposed to the current federal health care reform bill in its current state and pledge as governor to fight the ill effects of this bill against the citizens of Tennessee! We believe in health care reform but we do not believe it’s found in the current hostile takeover of 1/6th of our economy by the current administration in Washington.


Job Creation and Protection for Tennessee Citizens

One of my top priorities as Governor will be to ensure both the creation of new jobs as well as protecting the jobs of those who live in this great state. I pledge to make sure that no outside contracts will be awarded to parties outside the state before the citizens of Tennessee are given first offers to any jobs on state-run bids and industry. We need to promote new industry coming to Tennessee and help make it easier for small businesses to receive funding which will in turn produce more jobs for our state. In addition, I pledge to campaign vigorously throughout my term as Governor to encourage and promote the purchasing of products made here in Tennessee, thus protecting the jobs of those workers who reside here. We have tremendous resources that are not being used at the present time to create jobs in Tennessee. As Governor I promise to maximize my efforts to optimize those resources at all costs to ensure our state’s job market remains productive, robust and active during these tough economic times.


As having first hand experience dealing with immigration issues, including the handling of illegal aliens not only in Tennessee, but across the United States, Carl is committed to the enforcement of the laws of the State of Tennessee and the U.S. Constitution. Anyone here illegally must be dealt with according to the law, deported and those who employ illegal’s punished to the fullest extent of the law. Carl does not believe the state should issue driver’s license and state medical insurance to illegal aliens. Carl has great compassion for the families affected by this problem on both sides of the issue but feels the law must be upheld first before any conversation takes place regarding an individual receiving benefits from the state of Tennessee who is actually not even a citizen of either the state of Tennessee or the nation.


These past few years of Tennessee Politics has shown us a great deal of dirty deals. From the Tennessee Waltz sting to the Corrupt State-Trooper deal the common thing to expect from politicians in Nashville is bribes and deals, unlawful use of office for personal gain.

Carl will not take bribes and will push to have the Ethics Committee into Capitol Hill to weed out the wrongdoers and to see honor and dignity restored to the office of the Governor.


It is a fact that the public schools in the cities where there is a higher population and thus a seemingly greater need of improvement, have for unjustified purposes, been granted more funding disproportionate to those schools in the rural areas and small towns. This is unfair and the monies intended for schools should be evenly divided across the state, proportional to their needs and population, not to favor a potential voting block. Carl believes that state lottery funds should be disbursed not just to colleges but to K-12 schools; Carl feels that education on the lower levels sets the standard of learning for the college level meaning if one does not get a proper education in grammar, middle and high school then their level of learning will be insufficient in college.

Gun Rights

The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is such an integral part of our ways of American freedom that they cannot be forgotten and should always be supported.


Marriage is simply stated as: the union of one man and one woman, anything else is not marriage. Every person has a right to live the way they see fit, but no minority should force the majority to change an age-old institution, such as marriage.


As it is Carl’s belief that we are caretakers of God’s creation, he has a commitment, as we all do, to take care of the environment. There are obvious abuses that can easily occur on both sides of this matter, but there is a healthy medium and it is in this that Carl is committed to preserving the environment for us to enjoy and our children to continue to preserve.

Read more about Carl’s views: Here

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