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Born May 23,1965 in Chicago, IL (Cook County) Link to Birth Certificate:


1977-1996 • Member of First Presbyterian Church • Gallatin TN

  • Dr. Charles Moffatt, Pastor Emeritus

1996-present • Member of First Presbyterian Church • Nashville TN

  • Dr. Todd Jones, Senior Pastor
  • Adventurers’ Class Member and Teaching Assistant
  • Professional:


1983 • Gallatin High School • Gallatin TN

1987 • Vanderbilt University • Nashville TN • B.A. Political Science


1992 At-Large (Statewide) Candidate for GOP Convention Delegation

  • Committed to Patrick J. Buchanan — Received 82,000+ votes

1994 Middle TN Campaign Spokesman • Steve Wilson for US Senate

1997 Aide to Tennessee Senate Judiciary Committee • Curtis Person, Chairman

1998 State Senate Reporter for Nashville Bureau • Joe White, Publisher/Editor

2000-2006 Historic Edgefield Homeowners Association

2002-2006 • Committeeman • District 19 • Tennessee Republican Party (and Davidson County Republican Party)

2006 Candidate for Tennessee GOP Gubernatorial Nomination

  • Suspended activity due to oncoming birth of triplets. Zero in campaign expense.
  • Still Received 10.7% or 34,000+ votes

2006-present • NRA Foundation (Davidson County Chapter)

1987-1996 • Thomas Nelson Publishers/Varsity Company • Field/Organizational Manager

  • Sold Bibles and educational books door-to-door
  • Recruited, trained, and managed countless others to do the same successfully
  • Made 30,000+ cold calls • Worked 80-90 hours/week during sales season
  • Top 20 Rookie • Top 20 Experienced • President’s Club

1988-2000 • Various sales jobs in many fields including insurance, securities, printing,

  • radio advertising, home improvements
  • Attained SEC Series 7, Series 63, and Series 65 licenses
  • Attained TN Life and Health Insurance Sales Licenses
  • Began work in Print and Litigation support industries
  • Waited tables • Line cook • Crop Gardening
  • Caregiver for maternal grandfather (age 90+) and terminally ill mother

2000-present • Co-owner • d/b/a 31st Century Inc. • Gallatin, TN

  • Print, Media, Marketing, and Political Consulting

2006-present • Director of Sales/Marketing • Graves Metal Products

  • Jackson TN • Shelbyville TN • Gross Annual Sales from $8-10 million

2006-present • Homemaker • Caregiver to triplets


  • Never succumb to the absurd hypothesis that any state income (or other payroll derived) tax is acceptable.
  • Support the abolition of the existing “Hall Income Tax” on interest, dividends, and other investment income.
  • Support a Constitutional Amendment capping the rate of sales taxes at both the state and local level.


  • Support the refusal of any federal funds for Tennessee schools (presently 19% of budget) which would free citizens and school boards to make each and every school a charter school if that is what their constituency supports.
  • This frees Tennessee from unfunded mandates and curriculum interference from Congress and the NEA. Their lobbying efforts will be exposed to the light of day when moved from Washington back to state and local governments.
  • Any net loss of revenue would be recovered through a Tennessee-based, biodiesel initiative that would provide school systems a guaranteed price per gallon for busing each year allowing them to hedge against wild swings in the per barrel price of crude oil.
  • Tennessee farmers and land owners shall be allowed to enroll in a program that utilizes only NEW, crop acreage so that the food demand is unaffected, fixes a profitable, bushel price for soybeans or other oil-producing crops annually while assuring that our children can get to school without any demand by local government for property tax increases.
  • The benefit to students and society at large for Washington-free schools by adding, friendly, mutually beneficial competition to our local school districts is that no idea, good or bad, goes unnoticed or unheeded. This can only impact test scores and student capabilities positively, finally moving Tennessee out of the bottom fifth of schools nationally.


I am the only candidate in the race so far with the courage to call for the abolition of Tenncare. It was an ill-conceived idea from the very beginning and has been the reason that there has been any trouble at all balancing our state budget over the last two decades.

Now that President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress seem poised to shove nationalized medicine down our collective throats, Tennesseans must unite behind the effort to save private, health insurance from the grip of a Washington-run oligopoly or outright extinction.

President Obama’s so-called menu of care options will not and cannot work. Administering it from, Nashville, and potentially, each of the other 49 state capitals may work.

If we combined all state and local government employees, employees of companies with some sort of matching program, small businesses and individuals without matching, we’d have potentially 2-3 million subscribers whose buying power we could combine. The same menu of care options would apply, but Tennessee would not necessarily choose the same insurers as say, Kentucky.

This would mean that medium and smaller insurance companies could offer plans on a state-by-state basis, and the unintended consequence of pooling would not lead to a national plan that could be compromised by the influence of a centralized corps of lobbyists and weak Congressmen. For instance, my own Congressman, Jim Cooper of Nashville, recently was the PRIMARY SPONSOR of the bill to begin taxing our previously exempt, employer-provided, health benefits.

Therefore, the poor and indigent can go back to Medicaid, ending the redundancy and cost overrides of Tenncare. Further, if Washington wishes, they are most welcome to open an office in Tennessee to distribute benefits because the state would no longer need to be involved.

Further, those who believe that health care is not a Constitutional right, can continue paying for a plan of choice and still receive the best health care available in the human history. The only caveat to this plan would be to allow the uninsurable, ONLY those willing to do something for themselves and pay the base premium, to receive subsidies to abate their situation.


  • Never accept the concocted notion that mankind has any permanent effect on the atmosphere or weather conditions of planet.
  • Fight Cap and Trade or any other ill-conceived and/or unconstitutional program and the unintended and/or subversive consequences that would result.

Civil Liberties

  • The freedoms of speech, press, religion, public assembly, and association are undeniable needs of humans. Their temporary abridgment is due cause for non-violent insurrection. Their permanent removal is subject to a fight to the death.
  • The right to keep and bear arms is non-negotiable.
  • Protection of our right to due process of law and the prevention of unreasonable searches and seizures is one of the highest callings of the state’s chief, law enforcement officer.
  • Prosecutorial misconduct is the antithesis of the presumption of innocence we are supposed to be guaranteed. Violation of this sacred principle should not only be subject to prosecution (which it is presently immune) but should carry enhanced penalties. So, too, should any crime committed by law enforcement, any officer of the court, or any public official.


  • I support a constitutional amendment to ban abortion and/or the extension of civil liberties to any unborn human.

Tort Liability Reform

I strongly oppose any kind of tort reform except for either eliminating or raising the ceiling on damages for which government, its agencies, or government-related entities can be sued. I cannot think of any entity that can inflict more damage on an individual citizen than government.

Tennessee already has the chancery system for civil liability which assigns percentages of liability to plaintiff(s) and defendant(s). Presently, in most cases where defendant is found to be 49% or less responsible, defendant pays zero in damages.

I hardly believe 49% is a reasonable level for any person, organization, or corporation claiming to be responsible members of our community to be exempted from any liability with such a high proportion of culpability. It is worth taking a look to lowering the minimum percentage threshold.

Conversely, Tennessee needs to address frivolous litigation in a meaningful way as well. In Great Britain, they have a system called loser pays which means that if one sues and loses, the plaintiff is responsible for all court costs and attorney’s fees. I certainly do not think a loser in a 51-49 decision in our chancery system should be saddled with the total expense. However, I am willing to explore the option of requiring the loser to pay in 0-100 cases.

Further, our General Assembly just passed a law providing immunity to physicians from malpractice suits for the offense of offering a faulty, second opinion.

This begs the following question:
What would happen if a physician who was called to testify as an expert witness in a trial, and said physician commits perjury or suborns perjury?

Should not a parallel standard apply? We trust our health care providers to render informed, scientifically-based opinions. If they cannot do so with confidence, then, they shouldn’t offer one. A patient, therefore, should either be allowed to seek another first opinion and have it covered by insurance, or we should simply reverse this illogical law.

Also, doctors and lawyers need to be lobbied to take stronger measures against members of their profession by decertifying or disbarring reckless members of their associations. It was asserted to me by a respected lawyer recently that the vast majority of malpractice cases are tried against doctors that are repeat offenders. Therefore, she claims, and I concur, that malpractice insurance rates would drop significantly if doctors policed their peers more efficiently.

I assert this is the case with prosecutorial abuse and other forms of judicial misconduct as it pertains to the bar association as well.

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