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The Honorable Ron Ramsey, Lieutenant Governor of the State of Tennessee, has built a reputation as the leading voice for economic growth in the General Assembly.

Ramsey, the first Republican Senate Speaker in 140 years, has been named “The Best Lawmaker for Business in Tennessee” by Business Tennessee magazine for his success in passing pro-growth policy to improve the state’s business climate.

A small business owner himself, Ramsey believes job growth must be the top priority for state government. Ramsey started his own surveying company just three years after graduating from East Tennessee State University with a degree in industrial technology in 1978. His business has since grown to a real estate and auction company – Ron Ramsey and Associates, a well-respected land company in Upper East Tennessee.

Ramsey was elected by the First District of Sullivan County to serve two terms in the Tennessee House of Representatives and, in 1996, won election to the State Senate, representing Tennessee Senate District 2, which encompasses Johnson and Sullivan counties. As the Senate’s leading Republican, Ramsey engineered an historic GOP takeover of the chamber and was elected Speaker of the Senate and Lieutenant Governor in 2007. He is the first GOP Senate Speaker in Tennessee in 140 years and the first from Sullivan County in over 100 years. In the 2008 elections, which saw Republicans suffer major losses across the country, Ramsey led Tennessee’s Republicans to a gain of three Senate seats and a solid five seat majority.

In August 2008, Lt. Governor Ramsey was elected Chairman of the Tennessee delegation to the Republican National Convention and in January 2009, the Republican Lt. Governor’s Association named Speaker Ramsey their national Chairman, in charge of strategic and fundraising efforts nationwide to elect more Republican Lieutenant Governors.

Prior to becoming Speaker, Lt. Governor Ramsey served as Majority Leader and Caucus Chairman of the Senate Republican Caucus and is also a former Chairman of the Senate Environment Committee.

Active in his profession and community, Ramsey served as president of the Bristol Association of Realtors and as president of the Blountville Business Association. He was a member of the first “40 Under Forty” class recognized by The Business Journal of Tri-Cities Tennessee/Virginia, and is active in several local chambers of commerce.

The Lt. Governor is a member of the Blountville Ruritan and the Indian Springs Optimist Club, a past member of the Farm Credit Advisory Board, and a member of Elizabeth Chapel United Methodist Church where he serves as a Sunday School teacher. Ramsey resides in Blountville with his wife, Sindy. They have three daughters, Tiffany, Sheena and Madison.

Where Ron Stands on the Issues:


The key to a successful life is a sound education. Under my guidance, the Senate has funded K-12 education to an extraordinary degree given the challenges which face the state budget. However, to improve our education system we must provide more flexibility for educators to teach our children. As your Governor, I will continue the push to allow more parental choice in education. Learn More


No issue is more important to Tennessee families than the quality, accessibility and affordability of health care. After the GOP took control of the Senate, we passed major tort reform legislation aimed at weeding out meritless medical malpractice lawsuits. Medical malpractice lawsuits have been the number one factor in driving up the cost of health care nationwide. Learn More


A good job means security. Jobs allow parents to support their family in a way that produces a happy home and an atmosphere free of uncertainty. The next Governor of our state has an absolute duty to make sure Tennessee has a thriving economy which contributes to your quality of life. Learn More


Tennesseans deserve a Governor with a proven record of fighting to protect the unborn. Under my leadership, the Senate has again passed legislation to restore the voice of the voters when it comes to commonsense abortion restrictions. Learn More

2nd Amendment

The right to self-defense is our most basic right. In 1997, I dramatically improved our state’s right-to-carry law by streamlining the application process so honest, law-abiding citizens would not have to wait up to a year to receive their permit. Learn More


As the owner of a lifetime sportsman license, I am very concerned that we preserve Tennessee’s beautiful wildlife areas for future hunters and fishermen. Conservation of the land is necessary so it can be enjoyed by the next generation of those who love the outdoors. Learn More


My primary goal is to make Tennessee the most profitable place to start or grow a business in the country. The two best ways to do that do not cost a penny: ensure that Tennessee remains a Right to Work state and defeat all efforts to pass a state income tax. If we do those two things – and I will – it will assure prospective employers that Tennessee will always be job-friendly and we will grow our way out of recession. Learn More


A pro-jobs economy must have low taxes and limited regulation. Under my leadership, the Senate passed the largest tax cut in Tennessee history by cutting the sales tax on food. We also established a permanent sales tax holiday for back-to-school items as well as computers and a wide array of goods used by every citizen. Learn More

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  1. 1

    Mr. Ramsey:
    While reading an article in the newspaper eariler this morning, while I certainly agree that Welfare reform and drug testing for recipients would be a wonderful program, I must now ask you WHY have you also “included” workermans compensation, in a welfare bill??? While the issue IS welfare, and without very much doubt the monies paid to reform our states welfare system would have a price tag, and most likely would be very cost efficent, I still fail to see how in the world, we the TAX payers, in this beloved state should bear the EXTRA price tag for the CORPORATE folks! Yes, my family and I generally vote on the Republican ticket, and yes my husband was horribly injured in a HUGH Corporation, and NO he was not using DRUGS and at that particular time other than blood presure medication, which by the way his PCP prescribes to him, due to genetics! Now I really MUST state emphafacially and yes sir unequevically I WILL NOT VOTE FOR ANY RUPUBLICAN NOR ANY OTHER PARTY which continues to “sell out the very harding working, dedicated AMERICAN work force!” This is a large part of the problems in which America is facing both today, and unfortunately in her future! By the way. . . we have grandchildren whom were witnesses to their grandfather working on the same job, day after day, month after month and yes sir year after year, and was a tremendous ASSET to this hugh Corporate GIANT! And I will sir email this article to EVERY SINGLE HARD WORKING AMERICAN, on my email list which will in turn be forwarded basically ALL across the STATE OF TENNESSEE and probably the entire United States of America! This is most unexceptable, un ethical, and most LIKEY UN-CONSTITUTIONAL. . . please sir, do NOT burden hard working Americans who are more than willing to do their jobs, we are conservatives, we truly believe in an Honest Days Work for an Honest Days Pay, the believe the word the true and only Holy words, the Bible, KING JAMES, and we submit to you that you are letting a HUGH portion of Republican supporters down by expecting us to “Pay” even further for CORPORATE GREED! We are truly praying that America will be revived and have the SPIRIT she once had after the 2012 Presidential election, please sir DO NOT lose focus on EXACTLY WHAT WELFARE REALLY IS! Trust me, we the voters and and tax payers are NOT!
    Have a very Blessed day, and ponder through prayer, NOT POLITICS that this the great state of Tennessee will NOT fall prey to any such shananagans as this PROPOSAL, according to the newpaper article, on today’s date, December 28 2011. These are the very reasons amongst others that we have a Democrat in the Oval Office in DC today! I pray that you WILL rememeber that, in ALL your “political endevors!”

    Mrs. K D Helton
    Concerned Tennessee Republican

  2. 2

    If you do in fact wish to GROW JOBS, remember we MUST have TENNESSANS (people) citizens, legal ones to do those jobs! They too need PROTECTION under worker compensation laws! THAT IS WHY WE HAVE THOSE LAWS already, THIS IS NOT WELFARE, Mr. Ramsey! That’s protection, NOT ENTITLEMENTS, to folks who actually DO WORK! The work place can ALREADY randomly “drug test” their employees in the state of Tennessee, and this is most certainly a tactic that MOST TENNESSEANS will NOT simply buy into! Has absolutely NOTHING AT ALL to do with the “WELFARE” system, nothing AT ALL! Every single person, legals and probably illegals too have certainly “abused” the welfare system horribly, we totally agree with that, however if you take the “WORK” out of Workers Compensation, what are you left with. . . more COMPENSATION, but to whom???????????

    Mrs. KD KELTON

  3. 3

    All statement a referencing the THE DAILY NEWS JOURNAL. . . Heading: “Cost a factor in drug tests for welfare”, please not my previous statements with regard to that particular article, Date: December 28, 2011

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