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Hello, I am Samuel Duck. I am a working class citizen, who has never been in politics before. I have been upset by high taxes and a trend toward national socialism in our nation and state for some time. The Republicans borrow and spend. As a result, the total federal, state, and local debt is approaching $200,000 per person. Democrats tax and spend. In addition to income tax, there are well known “hidden” taxes such as sales tax, social security, medicare, and unemployment, which total more than 50% for most Tennesseans. Today the government taxes to discourage smoking and drinking.

In some places, the government taxes you for eating what the bureaucracy does not want you to eat, and people are being penalized for being overweight. The current administration is trying to make this policy nation wide. In a time with an uncertain future, more regulations in the name of safety are making it more difficult on small businesses and in particular small farms. People are being jailed for offenses as minor as missing paper work and refusing medical treatment.

Christian communities frequently find themselves at the mercy of zealous atheists. We are our brothers’ keeper. If we do not speak up when he is oppressed, who will speak up when we are oppressed. I’m speaking up now, and I intend to defend my brother, when he is in need. That is why Christians must stand together. We must retake our government, because together, we all are our brothers’ keepers. We are all brothers in Christ.

Where Samuel Stands on the Issues:

1. Promote laws to make it easier for third party candidates to succeed.
2. Ban the execution of children without due process.
3. Resist national socialism and promote government accountability to the citizens.
4. Protect the sovereignty of the state from federal government as guaranteed by the 10th Amendment.
5. Protect the independence of the citizens from foreign governments.
6. Defend individual liberty.
7. Defend rights of parents.
8. No constitutionally protected right should require a license or a fee.
9. Prevent abuse of courts.
10. Promote a strong private economy.
11. Defend the 1st Amendment rights of Christians.
12. Declare English the official language of Tennessee.
13. Expose the defects of the 16th and 17th Amendments.

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