State Candidates – State Representative (2010)

Monroe County has two State Representatives with half of the county being represented by each of the Representatives. Monroe County is part of both District 21 and 23 depending on your geographic location.

District 21

Jimmy Matlock (R) – Active Representative and is facing no opponents in the upcoming election so Representative Matlock will be representing District 21 for another term.

District 23

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  1. Brenda Andrews #

    Mr. Matlock,
    As a voter in Monroe County I want you to know I feel the closing of Lakeshore Mental Institute in Knoxville is not a wise choice. I work at Lakeshore and we have many people from our county who cannot afford to be hospitalized at a privately owned facility. Daily I hear from patients their concerns of “I need to be discharged, I can’t afford to stay”. When I inform them that if they do not have insurance they will not be billed you can see relief in their faces and a focus on trying to concentrate on getting well and returning home. Also, we recieve the patients the other facilities have refused to accept either due to no insurance, no insurance days left or they are too violent. Why should these facilities be rewarded when the down and outcast have not been a priority for them in the past? I am asking you to vote against closing Laskeshore. I believe I am too late in sending this but I want to express my opinion to you and to let you know my family and I will be watching how you cast your vote on this budget matter.
    Thank you for listening.

    Brenda Andrews

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