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Lamar Alexander – (R – TN) Class II Profile coming soon.

Bob Corker – (R – TN) Class I

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  1. Vincent Goetsch #

    Dear Mr. Lamar,

    The time has come for our elected officials to come to the aid of the nation, and employ measures that are tried-and-true in terms of effectiveness with regard to physical economy, as opposed to merely monetary interests.

    Glass–Steagall Act of 1932, which is the most important historically proved method used to fight then, similar though not as dangerous then as now, measure to serve best the interests of what the Constitution places foremost; as embed in the Preamble as the primary purpose of government: to serve the general welfare of all citizens.

    Due to the current platform of French Nicolas Sarkozy, who has recently proposed solving now rapid onset of a global depression, by deploying a Tobin tax i.e. a Wall-Street-Tax upon the one Quadrillion dollars, which is 4 trillion dollars per day in monetary transactions, that contrary to public-perception, is not currently taxed. A taxation of 1 percent of those transactions would generate 10 trillion dollars in revenue, and would appropriately place the burden of remedy of the current global-financial crisis upon the perpetrators, rather than upon the public-at-large in opposition to the General_Welfare of the average citizen.

    The average citizen faced similar circumstances during the great depression, it was Roosevelt who recognized the need to not confront the hegemony of and financial-interests whose activities not only were detriminatal to life, liberty and happiness, but were tantamount to treason!

    Once again we face the rapid onslaught of a depression, but this time on a global scale. Once again we the common man, and in terms of everyone whom I know, in terms of their view of our collective treatment by policy emanating from the Washington D. C. are viewed as not only aloof and out of touch, but sadly as an assualt upon the average manm leaving not only the impresion of being forgotten men and women, but proved to be thus, by real-world circumstances.

    We need men of vision, like Rossevelt was, who have the courage to not fall into the trap of littleness, who in as failed-personalities fall-prey to monetarist dictates that prescribe the poison- of austerity as the supposed cure for such dire economic circumstances as these times now pose.

    Who will rise to the occasion with a similar great vision as the TVA and even greater infrastructure programs that create real jobs by employing our own internal CREDIT, as a nation to raise us up?

    Who will act on behalf of the now forgotten men and women and instead not deliver hollow-words, but striden deeds and proofs, such as bringin back Glass–Steagall? Or, are you too duped by Barney Franks lies that derivatives and other nefarious monetary thievery would not be halted by such a measure? Are you too kidding yourself that the crisis was caused by sub-prime, or is the blame recognized for what it is, the crime of the century, propagated with malice and forethought by the likes of the Inter-Alpha, Goldman Sachs et al.

    I could say much more, but suffice it to say, that I and everyone I know are quite wide awake, and we see clearly what is going on in Foggy-Bottom even here in the hills of Tennessee, even better than you might expect.

    May greatness of spirit guide you to truly do what is righteous, and keep you from failure to be true to your own best interest, which from the most honest and all inclusive perspective, is also all-of-our general welfare, not just now, but with a vision for the several generations to come. To date, what is left to the children of the future, is a bill they owe for no error of their own. Is that how you want your legacy of effects by policy established on your watch to be remembered?

    Kind regards,

    Vincent Goetsch

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